Best Gaming PCs : Alienware’s Alpha and Digital Storm’s Bolt 3

The gaming world is ever evolving. Gaming companies are masterfully coming up with new ways to get you hooked. With these new ways comes the need for revolutionizing the delivery of this extreme user experience. Gamers everywhere are continuously demanding more power from their setups with the greater demand landing on the processing units.

Gamers are now getting their setups ready for the VR evolution, with innovations such as the Oculus Rift, which requires a mid-range setup at its minimum, set to revolutionize gaming.

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Tech savvy gamers are coming up with better ways to build better performance at the cheapest costs. We are going to review these advancements in compressing the price without compromising on power.

Alienware’s Alpha

The Alienware Alpha will be our low end gaming machine. The Alpha is a small form factor low end gaming pc that packs quite the punch. At face value the Alpha is quite boring to look at, with its console look, minimal LEDs and the giant Alienware logo as its power button that won’t stand out in a bright room.

Connectivity options on the Alpha are minimal and confined to at least five USB ports, version 2.0 in that case. The usual cohort of ports hangs around at the back panel, with an interesting extra HDMI port. The HDMI port is rather a pass-through port that apparently can be activated through the UI.

The Alienware Alpha will be our low end gaming machine.

Alienware’s AlphaTalking of the UI, the Alpha comes with a pre-installed UI that helps sell the console idea. On the bright side it comes with a wireless Xbox 360 controller!

Setting up the Alpha requires dancing through a Windows 8 setup with just the Xbox 360 Controller, some further hurdles rebooting, setting up the Alpha interface and swimming across the Pacific.

The rest is easy from this point on, many have reported needing a keyboard to enter the user names on a game and logging on to platforms like UPlay. Navigating through some games is not children’s play. You will require to write some few lines of code just to get the game running, or at least that’s what it felt like when I tried running EAs Origin on the console.

The base configuration running an I3 CPU at 4GB of memory, a custom NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU at 2gb of memory feels more like a laptop than a stripped down gaming desktop. Dell does say that it is indeed capable of smoothly running Witcher 3 at 60 FPS, quite a lot right? There’s also the lag from the base configurations HDD at 5400RPM.

The Alpha does outdo its competitors, the consoles, at graphics and play. This should be a step up from the PS4 and Xbox One but other than that it is indeed a hard sell for any serious gamer.

Digital Storm’s Bolt 3

Digital Storm’s Bolt 3
Digital Storm’s Bolt 3

The Bolt 3 gaming machine is quite the performer and for a mid-range gaming desktop it quite does outperform some of the high end setups running above the $3000 mark. It is a bar setting, small form factor gaming desktop. Featuring the latest of the 6th-gen Intel core i7 CPU and the Nvidia GTX 970, it does stand tall among its colleagues and seats comfortably among its seniors.

It is easily customizable to greater performance customizations while maintaining its small form factor but topping more from the high end range.It comes with a completely transparent panel that proudly displays all its neat underbellies, back-lit with stylish LEDs.

Digital Storm’s Bolt 3 is The best mid-range Gaming PC on the market

The LEDs are completely customizable with the included remote, with modes such as the pulsate, your personal nightclub. Its jet-black finish lets it stand handsome among its peers with the Digital Storm logo highlighting its beauty for all to see. In all its compactness, it does loose the console feel that its predecessor the bolt 2 features.

It however still packs the easy to swap side panel with the knobs, yes knobs, that allow for faster swapping of under the hood items such as the graphics card.

It does not stutter when it comes to gaming, it handles 4K gaming smoothly at plus 70 fps. It handles multi-tasking quite easily with no hesitation plus extra to go.

It takes everything thrown at it and churns out the best in performance. It does however falter at some 4k games, which it plays quite smoothly at full-HD, but then it is expected of a midrange gaming machine. The Bolt 3 is quite sufficient for a gamer with a limited budget, who needs to get the best for his money at the midrange end. Its greatest shortfall is the loss in compactness.


In conclusion, the gaming world has seen quite the innovations and is ready to take up more innovations.

Whatever requirements are thrown at the community; they definitely have a way of coming up with a better solution to solve it. As the next phase of Virtual Reality (VR) is ushered in, we do expect quite a shakeup in this industry, particularly at the low end where VR ready machines are significantly lacking.

Budget Gaming PCs, as an Alternative to Alienware

Highend gaming computers

Falcon NorthwestThe top block, the high end boutiques, are exactly that: Extremely high end builders who maximize on quality. They build like I would build for me. That labor isn’t cheap…. and it shows in their prices. So if you want more affordable, what do you do?

These are highend gaming computer brands with exceptional build quality.

  • Falcon Northwest
  • Digital Storm
  • Origin PC
  • Maingear

iBuypower and Cyberpower as affordable gaming PCs

iBuypower and Cyberpower are boutique builders who produce machines at near component pricing. However, many people think that feels “sketchy.” I imagine it could. In the end, where are they making their funds?


The thing about iBuypower and Cyberpower that sets them apart from your general boutique builder running close to component pricing is that they’ve managed to push their product lines to the mass market level.

You can get a Cyberpower PC from NewEgg, in, Amazon and Walmart and several other big box retail channels. Buying direct enables you to obtain the customized boutique result… but make no mistake, unlike the High End Boutiques, they are operating on economy of scale. That doesn’t mean they create bad products.

In reality, their products and services have rated well in professional reviews. But their website is gaudy and it’s natural to state something is too good to be real. Yet their products are well-reviewed at Amazon.

What about Lenovo, Acer or Alienware

People who fail at building gaming computers try Lenovo, Acer, or HP. Alienware is well known for gouging on upgrades over base models, they’re about as bad as Apple on some components and customarily not just a value for your dollar… but again, everyone knows that.

One other makers competing around the Global scale for mass market gaming PCs… they don’t specialize in gaming hardware. You wind up with supposed “high end” gaming PCs like Lenovo’s Erazer that top out with basic level enthusiast GPUs (you won’t find a GTX 980ti or perhaps a Titan X within a Lenovo gaming PC.) These products are more about having something to buy inside the gaming space than making a serious effort.

You’re left with a few options if none of that appeals:

1) Do-it-yourself

Seriously. If you want a gaming PC at component level pricing, build it yourself. Before if you never have, get help from a friend who’s built one. It’s easy. If you have a little experience to guide you through, even modest enthusiast building isn’t terribly hard.

2) Look locally for a boutique builder operating in your town.

There aren’t as many of them as there were in the late 90s, but you can still find several boutique builders that charge a modest premium for delivering your build.

budget gaminag pc

I roll my own, personal solutions because it’s cost effective to do this and furthermore, as I genuinely love quality building. Not everyone shares that passion and wants to build their own, and that’s fine… but if you don’t want to build your own, the market is very rarely going to deliver you a performance gaming PC at a price point that resembles what you could build it yourself for.

As always, I’m available for follow up questions… I don’t benefit any of these OEMs and my only desire for in seeing people get the best rig they could to enjoy gaming on for years to come.

iBuyPower vs. Cyberpower Gaming Computers. Good or Bad for 2016?

iBuyPower is one of the recognizable names that comes up when buying custom computers and gaming laptops such as Alienware and Cyberpower. This company is highly held for production of quality custom computers for 2014. This is because the establishment specializes in giving individuals who engage in extreme PC gaming all the ultimate tools that they need.

Their computers are definitely not like the ones you will get in your resident tech store. Below are some of the benefits of this models for 2016.

Excellent customization options for gamers

iBuyPower computers offer excellent customization options. Every user wants to have a computer that they can tweak so as to suit their specific preferences. Gamers want excellent video cards, while musicians prefer better sound systems installed. This brand understands this and offers users access to cutting-edge hardware components.


Most users need computers for specific tasks. However, most generic PCs are not designed for particular computing tasks. This is because they have been designed for users who want to handle everything. Therefore, they lack the needed hardware power to exceptionally perform specific tasks.

iBuyPower computers are loved by most people because of their customization options. This is because they have a wide range of systems designed specifically for niche users such as musicians, designers or gamers.

Parts are durable and upgradeable, not just customizable

ibuypower reviewiBuyPower computers are economical in the long run. This is because their parts are made from high quality materials that are durable compared to the generic PCs.

Most computers are good to use for about eight months before technology passes them by. However, iBuyPower computers can handle advanced technology for about 1 to 2 years.

Furthermore, they are upgradeable and users can upgrade their systems over time without having to buy a completely new computer. Some of the popular models are:

1. Gamer Supreme 922SLCK

This Gaming PC model will take all your gaming needs to another level. This innovative computer has an Intel Core i7 2600K 3.34GHz processor. In addition, it has a NVIDIA’s GTX 580 graphics card considered to be one of the most powerful in the industry today.

Gamer Supreme 922SLCK

This computer also boasts of a load of memory and a liquid cooling system. The case has a digital statistical display that enables one to check the temperature and performance readings.

2. iBuyPower Battalion 101 (M865TU)

This iBuyPower PC is sturdy machine that can easily handle the cutting-edge 3D titles. It is a 15.4-inch system that is equipped with powerful Nvidia graphics. it also has a dedicated video memory of 1GB, 4GB of RAM, a hard drive of 500GB and 7,200-rpm and a processor of 3.06-GHz.

The touchpad are easy and comfortable to use while playing. The Battalion 101 is not excessively bulky as it weighs 7.1 pounds and measures 10.6 x 14.3 x 1.9 inches.

3. Gamer Power AM649FX

This PC is ideal for users who want a reasonably priced and reliable power computer. This gaming computer has a processor of 3. 8GHz and a hard drive of 1024 GB 5400 rpm. It also has an 8GB DDR3, it weighs 38lbs and measures 19.5 x 7.7 x 17.3 inches.

This PC gives you excellent multitasking abilities because it has been built with vibrant, tunable performance that enables it to handle numerous intensive applications without a problem. This computer is equipped with discrete graphics, high-quality hardware and amazing speeds.

With regards to custom computers, there is barely any better manufacturer to use than the iBuyPower, as well as Cyberpower. With the iBuyPower gaming computers, you will experience a cutting-edge revolution of content creation, media organization and interactive gaming.

iBuyPower Reviews – Chimera 4 SE, Valkyrie CZ-27, Revolt

When I first saw another site selling gaming computers, my first thought was to file iBuyPower away as just another computer manufacture. But as I read user testimonials and tech bloggers’ iBuyPower reviews, however, I was wrong. The computers are definitely nice, with some of the most competitive prices for desktop setups.

The cases are clean, sleek, and stunning. For buyers looking for some brighter aesthetic, it might be a tough find, however you’ll find computers such as the Chimera 4 SE offering plenty of flair (and with three fans, plus a pre-factory set 10% overclock, who could complain?).

iBuyPower reviews

The selection is definitely wide on the cases, ranging from the sharp, nearly-intimidating looks of the Professional Series, all the way to the futuristic looking Revolt, which offers a chassis that optimizes ambient air flow direction to sensitive parts which got great reviews in many places.

Chimera 4 SE : Affordable but powerful

These things are not only built for obvious style, but it’s the guts of these machines that are truly amazing. The cheapest Chimera 4 SE at the time of writing this is offered for a base price of $949.00; not a bad deal at all for the starting price of a good gaming rig.


The fact it comes with a 120mm liquid cooling system, and an AMD FX-6300 CPU. Now, personally I would drop in a NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan Black for $1153.00, which I’ve seen run for as much as $1400.00 else, and that’s factory set, no overclock.

Erebus GT-V3 : Premium iBuyPower computer

For the premium buyers, the Erebus GT-V3 is a must have, as it already comes with a 30% overclock rating. A nice bonus is no matter the price, all gaming computers through iBuyPower come with a Turtle Beach Z1 Headset, which is a must-have, whether gaming, and needing a mic for multiplayer, or simply wanting to listen to music on your laptop at school.

ibuypower laptop

Valkyrie CZ-27

Truth be told these machines are much more than just built for gaming. With the variety of CPUs and GPUs made available, iBuyPower offers plenty of setups for anything from research computers, art stations, gaming rigs, and Crypto miners. The Valkyrie CZ-27 alone seems to be the go-to for students and business people, with a near perfect mixture of quality, computing power, stylishness, and price.

The website boasts an easy-to-navigate webpage, and makes the process of customizing your perfect rig as easy as scrolling through the list and clicking: all the information is presented right in front of you for every option, ensuring you don’t have to remember each option to compare and decide what fits your lifestyle the best.

ibuypower revolt

The computers offered at iBuyPower are definitely not what you’d find from companies such as HP or Toshiba, and their cases are definitely on-par, if not better than Dell’s Alienware, due to their increased focus on functionality merged with style.

Professional Series : iBuyPower review

A bonus with iBuyPower is that there are options for the professional buyer, with the Professional Series looking perfect in any office building, with the computing power of a premium gaming machine. The last thing any business person wants is everyone focusing on a flashing case, full of lights, which makes the Professional Series a fantastic, low-tone choice.

All in all,  the machines are well built, and soundly designed. The website is a definite must-see, and the machines a must-use.