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Budget Gaming PCs, as an Alternative to Alienware

Highend gaming computers

Falcon NorthwestThe top block, the high end boutiques, are exactly that: Extremely high end builders who maximize on quality. They build like I would build for me. That labor isn’t cheap…. and it shows in their prices. So if you want more affordable, what do you do?

These are highend gaming computer brands with exceptional build quality.

  • Falcon Northwest
  • Digital Storm
  • Origin PC
  • Maingear

iBuypower and Cyberpower as affordable gaming PCs

iBuypower and Cyberpower are boutique builders who produce machines at near component pricing. However, many people think that feels “sketchy.” I imagine it could. In the end, where are they making their funds?


The thing about iBuypower and Cyberpower that sets them apart from your general boutique builder running close to component pricing is that they’ve managed to push their product lines to the mass market level.

You can get a Cyberpower PC from NewEgg, in, Amazon and Walmart and several other big box retail channels. Buying direct enables you to obtain the customized boutique result… but make no mistake, unlike the High End Boutiques, they are operating on economy of scale. That doesn’t mean they create bad products.

In reality, their products and services have rated well in professional reviews. But their website is gaudy and it’s natural to state something is too good to be real. Yet their products are well-reviewed at Amazon.

What about Lenovo, Acer or Alienware

People who fail at building gaming computers try Lenovo, Acer, or HP. Alienware is well known for gouging on upgrades over base models, they’re about as bad as Apple on some components and customarily not just a value for your dollar… but again, everyone knows that.

One other makers competing around the Global scale for mass market gaming PCs… they don’t specialize in gaming hardware. You wind up with supposed “high end” gaming PCs like Lenovo’s Erazer that top out with basic level enthusiast GPUs (you won’t find a GTX 980ti or perhaps a Titan X within a Lenovo gaming PC.) These products are more about having something to buy inside the gaming space than making a serious effort.

You’re left with a few options if none of that appeals:

1) Do-it-yourself

Seriously. If you want a gaming PC at component level pricing, build it yourself. Before if you never have, get help from a friend who’s built one. It’s easy. If you have a little experience to guide you through, even modest enthusiast building isn’t terribly hard.

2) Look locally for a boutique builder operating in your town.

There aren’t as many of them as there were in the late 90s, but you can still find several boutique builders that charge a modest premium for delivering your build.

budget gaminag pc

I roll my own, personal solutions because it’s cost effective to do this and furthermore, as I genuinely love quality building. Not everyone shares that passion and wants to build their own, and that’s fine… but if you don’t want to build your own, the market is very rarely going to deliver you a performance gaming PC at a price point that resembles what you could build it yourself for.

As always, I’m available for follow up questions… I don’t benefit any of these OEMs and my only desire for in seeing people get the best rig they could to enjoy gaming on for years to come.